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PK Belts

Multi-ribbed belt design features the power transmission capabilities of a V belt with the flexibility of a flat belt. This belt runs cooler and lasts longer than a standard V Belt. Even distribution of pressure over all parts of the drive surface provide uniform load distribution, smooth running, better tolerance to shock and greater stability – resulting in longer life

  1. Tension member – The treated polyester cord is a low stretch, high strength tension member able to withstand shock loads on drives with fixed centres.
  2. Rubber Ribs – long wearing, fibre loaded, heat resistant synthetic rubber is used in the ribs to provide support for the tension member and to transmit the loads to the pulley.
  3. Backing material – Bias ply type fabric backing resists cracking and provides abrasion resistance
  4. Insulation material – Heat resistant rubber is used to bond the tension member to the rest of the belt.

The part number is the belt size. The first number gives the number of ribs i.e. 6 is 6 rib. The letters indicate the rib section i.e. PK means belt length in millimetres. PKE indicates an elastic or stretch fit belt. PKD indicates a double sided multi rib belt. The end number series indicates the length of the belt in millimetres i.e. 1013 is 1013mm effective length.