Lucas Injectors and Pumps: Warranty

Lucas Injectors & Pumps are covered by a 12 month/ 12000mls warranty (whichever is exceeded first).

In the unlikely event that you need to return an item under warranty, the item(s) will be tested at the Lucas Remanufacturing Centre to identify the cause of the failure.

This testing will then generate a report stating the acceptance or rejection of the claim. Please note: Lucas Diesel do NOT offer a ‘no quibble’ warranty.

The testing includes a fuel contamination check. Any injector or pump found to contain traces of contaminated or illegally laundered/filtered fuel will be rejected. Legal fuel within the UK adheres to EN 590:2009 standards.

If the injector or pump returned was purchased for an agricultural application that is permitted to use agricultural fuel (Red Diesel), then please make us aware of this at the start of the claim.

Your customer will need to provide proof of the vehicle application in which the part(s) were used. Please make your customers aware of this when returning items under warranty.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Technical Team on +44 (0) 8708 391503.

Kind Regards

FAI Technical


Warranty Returns Procedure: Injectors & Pumps

Step 1: Contact the FAI Technical team (+44 (0) 8708 391503) informing them that you have a failed Lucas Diesel Injector or Pump for collection. By return a pack will be despatched, the pack consists of a Lucas box, all relavant bungs, a sealable bag and a warranty claim form.

Prior to collection of the part it is essential that the following points are adhered to:-

Step 2: Diesel fuel is harmful. Please use appropriate protection when handling the items for return.

Step 3: Drain as much potentially hazardous fluids out of the components as you can. Insert all relevant bungs to help prevent seepage.

Step 4: Place the component in the bag provided and seal.

Step 5: Fill the warranty claim form out with all relevant information regarding the claim, failure to do so will delay the process.

Step 6: Place the component and claim form in the carton as supplied and seal. Failure to observe any of the above may result in a refusal to collect by the courier.

Step 7: Contact the FAI Technical team and request a Technical Express collection. Once the item(s) are collected and tested you will be contacted as soon as possible with the results.

Kind Regards

FAI Technical