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Engine of the month

FIAT 1.2i 169.A4000

The 1.2i (169A400) is almost solely used in Fiat products, with the exception of the Ford KA which is based on the 500 and actually produced right alongside each other in Fiat’s own factory. The foundations of this powerplant go back decades but were upcycled for its application in the FIAT 500. The engine was applied to some of the Italian firms’ larger vehicles but due to its modest power output, it felt more at home in the lightweight 500, weighing in at just 900kg.

The 1.2 accounted for the lion share of sales as the number of units produced meant this was often the cheaper option than one of the multi-air engines. The lacklustre nature of the 1.2 didn’t bother many buyers as most utilised it for its intended use of town & city driving. Those looking for the smallest of supermini but with performance as a priority could always opt for the pocket-rocket Abarth 595.

Some engines are more exciting than others and this one may be the equivalent of getting socks for your birthday but what is exciting is the demand for parts that this little engine has generated. As with all engines that have followed an evolutionary path rather than revolutionary, it will have shared parts amongst engine codes with others unique to the 169A4000.

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