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Timing Belts

  1. Precision Moulded teeth – Compounded of tough, shear resistant rubber, the teeth on timing belts are moulded to close tolerances on pitch and length.
  2. Tough Nylon Facing Fabric – The fabric used on the tooth side of timing belts is made of tough, specially woven fabric that has been chemically treated to reduce pulley friction and impregnated with abrasion, oil and ageing resistant synthetic rubber.
  3. Load Carrying Cords – The load carrying members in timing belts are made of extra strong glass fibre or flexten cords. These cords are dimensionally stable, ensuring the length of a belt never changes and the belt teeth are always perfectly meshed with pulley grooves.
  4. Specific Compounds – The compounds specially selected by FAI from Polychloroprene or HNBR are driven by modern engine needs and give durable smooth running and age resistant properties.