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Timing Chain Kits

FAI offer one of the most comprehensive Timing Chain Kit ranges in the Aftermarket, allowing customers to choose from over 500 kit variations. With most applications covered by a full kit for a thorough repair, along with scaled-down kits to meet cost-effective demand, the FAI range has your business covered.

As many manufacturers have favoured chain drive over traditional belt arrangements since the mid-2000s, the FAI offering covers 42,000 variants of cars & light commercial vehicles. Chains are often seen as a ‘fit-for-life’ part but this isn’t the case; as rattling noises, poor starting or lumpy idling are classic symptoms of the chain drive needing attention.

FAI offer a dedicated support website for all in the supply chain to access via a QR code on each box. Here you’ll find a mixture of fitment guides, kit comparisons, safety warnings and best practice information. Further to this, we have a team of experienced Product Specialists to answer any queries you may have.

FAI VVT’s are manufactured to OE standards, which means they are made using the OE specification material and CNC machining processes. They are assembled in “clean rooms” which must be entered via an airlock ensuring no airborne contaminants can become trapped within the VVT mechanism. Each hub is also 100% tested before packing for total piece of mind. Despite this costly process, FAI VVT’s and kits are very competitively priced, ensuring a good value repair.

Oil Control Valves

The Oil Control Valve (OCV) is a critical part used in every engine that is fitted with variable valve technology (VVT). A single control valve will regulate the supply of oil to a designated VVT hub, to advance or retard the timing by altering the camshaft angle position. Controlled by the ECU, the OCV receives electrical signals, instructing it to adjust the oil flow as required, in accordance with current driving conditions.

Because VVT hubs rely on a regulated and pressurised oil flow to operate correctly and continuously; if a new TCK is fitted and the old OCV is not working correctly, the VVT hub cannot operate correctly causing an avoidable failure. FAI recommend checking the Oil Control valves when undertaking a TCK replacement as these are often overlooked and a potential cause of the initial failure.

The FAI OCV range offers exceptional value, and every part has been developed and manufactured in a tier-one OE factory. This means that every component part is checked before being entered into the assembly production line.