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Statement of Quality Policy

FAI Automotive plc sources, procures, stores, packs and distributes replacement automotive parts under an all-makes programme with the FAI and Camtec

brands, covering European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The Directors are committed to maintaining a registered Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We place particular emphasis on obtaining customer satisfaction by:
• Treating customers with respect and in a professional manner.
• Responding promptly and accurately to customers’ enquiries and orders.
• Maintaining and improving on the quality of the products and services that the Company supplies to its customers.
• Ensuring that management and staff are trained to meet the requirements of the Company and its customers.
• Constantly striving to meet and where possible exceed customers’ expectations.


We operate by setting objectives and targets for the Quality Management System. Management periodically reviews achievements against these objectives and targets and continually seeks to improve the effectiveness of the system and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Management System is defined in the Quality Manual, Quality Operating Procedures, and supporting documents.

This Quality Policy is communicated to and understood by personnel within the Company. It is periodically reviewed for continuing suitability to satisfy the needs of the Company, customers, other interested parties, and ISO 9001



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