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Coil Springs

FAI coil springs are produced with top quality Silicon Chrome steel matching British Standard BS970 grade 685H57*. All our springs are manufactured using parallel wire and the latest cold coiling technology reducing the risk of premature failure compared to tapered wire springs. A durable Manganese Phosphate powder coating with an epoxy polyester treatment ensure that our springs are protected from the elements and can offer years of worry free driving.

Our springs are subject to stringent quality checks and all springs have the FAI part number printed on them for easy identification. FAI Currently has a range of approximately 300 part numbers which cover a wide range of European and Asian vehicle applications.

It is important to note that springs should always be replaced in pairs. Different springs on the same axle can affect the road handling.

* BS 970 is the specification for wrought steels for mechanical and allied engineering purposes. Spring steel BS 970 685 H57 allows for closer dimensional tolerances and improved finish . BS 970 685 H57 spring steels can be used as larger section size important springs which are to bear heavy load, shock and vibration.