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Vehicle of the month

Audi A1 2010-2018

The Audi A1 proved to be a successful venture for Audi, seemingly undeterred by the sketchy reputation of the A2. Fundamentally the same as other super-minis in the VW group, Audi knew that they had to set the A1 apart from the Polo, Ibiza and Fabia.

The formula of a well-built interior, neat styling and refinement coined the accolade of vehicle of the year in 2011. A long-standing model, the A1 became a common sight across Europe.

Although it has obvious limitations in luggage space, the multitude of options offered to customers meant that it was seen as anything from Granny’s car to Hot-Hatch. The latest tech was handed down from the brands pricier cars from the start of production, with tweaks along the way to align with face-lift versions.

Due to its popularity, sales were strong and so is Aftermarket demand – Plus component sharing throughout the VW Group means that many numbers are great to have in stock!

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