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Vehicle of the month

Citroen C1 2014>


When the first item listed as standard equipment on Citroen’s online configurator is the Odometer, you get some idea of how basic the offering is. We’d have led with the 7-inch touchscreen (as this is the most advanced item on the car) but knowing how fast you’re going is important too!

There are some benefits of not buying a technology-laden car, namely, the price tag. There aren’t many cars that can be owned new from 12.5 k and for a large group of consumers, this uncomplicated option is exactly what they’re looking for.

On the whole, it’s a decent A to B car; mainly sold as a five-door for a bit of added practicality but strictly a 4-seater. Styling cues such as the slightly garish coloured dash segments point to the younger generation as Citroen’s target audience, hitting the nail on the head in terms of low insurance and maintenance costs.

We can’t say we love the C1 – possibly no one can – but we admire its simplicity in a tech-driven automotive world. What we can say is that FAI stocks many C1 parts to keep those savvy buyers happy.

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