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Vehicle of the month

Citroen C3

The Citroen C3 has flown under the radar, with offerings from Ford & Vauxhall stealing more of the small family car limelight; even sister company Peugeot having more striking styling.

It feels like the engineers at Citroen were tasked with a specific remit of ‘don’t get carried away’ as to make a new model that didn’t excel in any area. All the usual areas that consumers consider when buying a car could be answered with “It’s okay but nothing special”.

So why are we featuring it? It may come as a shock to some of you (it certainly did to us) that Citroen have sold over 800k of this model, making it a success story for the brand.

One of the reasons that the C3 didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that rivals did, was partly down to the 2017 C3 sharing many components with the previous generation. Often the practice can spell disaster for manufacturers, Rover & Saab being good examples, yet the C3 has broken the mould.

Great news when choosing what to stock!

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