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Ford EcoSport 2014>

The Ford EcoSport is a little confusing but not just because of its awkward sector placement of Mini SUV but something more fundamental, its name. You might assume that the Ecosport is Eco-friendly, maybe a hybrid or even full electric but no, it’s actually pronounced ‘Echo’-sport. So, have we been mispronouncing the EcoBoost engine that coincidently goes in the EcoSport? No, wrong again! That’s pronounced how it’s written, Eco with a long ‘E’ sound.

The issue doesn’t stop there either, many have asked ‘is it sporty like the name suggests, a bit like the Fiesta?’. Nope! It’s based on the previous-gen fiesta and although in Fiesta form, it does handle well, making it taller and heavier has done the mini-SUV no favours.

Why VOTM then? The Ecosport is a great A to B car that gives you a combination of additional boot space, extra headroom and a higher driving position over the Fiesta. Most are driven around sedately and sits much more in the small family car arena rather than the Fiesta that seems to cater for anywhere between 17- and 80-year-olds, the younger of which put componentry through its paces.

The Russian-Doll style engineering that Ford has employed is great news for the Aftermarket as it serves to boost sales on existing part numbers, many of which we recommend for stock.

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