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Honda Civic X 2015>

The Civic is a name that has been around for so long and with so many generations it can be used as a yardstick to gauge peoples memories and age to boot. Spanning almost 50 years, there is usually a generation that you’ll first remember – maybe the mid-80s incarnation, the one with a huge rear window? or maybe it’s the first Civic to display the Type-R badging?

The tenth generation ran for just 6 years of that half-century but brought with it a larger, more family orientated vehicle. The reason for this was Honda’s new global strategy, that for the first time, unified the Civic for all markets – No smaller European version.

With a reputation for being one of the most reliable cars within the segment, the X sold over a million globally. And with over 18 million sold since its 1972 launch and the recent introduction of the eleventh version, the Civic may be around for some time!

Honda almost completely reworked the suspension so it was essential that our product team be quick off the mark in producing an Aftermarket solution.

The Items here are by far the most common to require maintenance and are therefore recommended for that next stock order!

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