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Vehicle of the month

Mazda 6 (GJ,GL) 2012>

The third generation Mazda 6 was aimed directly at throwing the likes of the Mondeo off the top spot within D-segment cars. Did it work? Well, no; but it should have.

Using the phrase ‘good on paper’ when describing the larger Mazda doesn’t do it justice. The Hiroshima based manufacturer fed the motoring press the usual figures of 45% stiffer chassis than the vehicle it replaces, and a gear box borrowed from the excellent MX-5 but only those that drove the 6 felt these selling points in action.

The 6 didn’t sell badly, but left its engineers dumbfounded as to why such a great looking and affordable car was overlooked for the likes of the Vauxhall Insignia.

For those that opted for the left-field choice, FAI has the parts for you!

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