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Oil Pumps – Heartbeat of the engine (part 2)

Pump Types

Engine technology is expanding at a rapid pace, therefore products such as oil pumps are now in huge demand. Due to this, new designs are needed to cope with the added load on the lubrication system. Along with the more conventional designs such as Gear or Rotor pumps, we have added Vane technology to our programme which covers many modern vehicles.

The type of pump used varies:

Description Notes Image
Vane Pumps Vane pumps are being used more widely in modern applications due to their capacity for Variable Flow control. Unlike other pumps, it can regulate the flow rate of Oil thanks to it's sliding Vane design. These are being fitted to most Stop/Start applications currently, and for the foreseeable future.  
Gear Type Pumps Also known as Twin Gear pump, this design houses two gears running in opposite rotation to one another. This design is used in Chain Driven/Gear driven pumps most frequently. However this design is mostly being replaced by Vane technology for use in the latest Euro Emissions regulations.  
Rotor & Crescent Type Pumps Generally used in most Crankshaft Driven pumps, this design comprises of 1 large outer gear, and 1 small inner gear sitting off-center to one another. The Crescent shaped void left between the two gears is where the flow control and vacuum is produced.  


Pumps are always mounted low-down, either submerged or around the level of the oil in the sump. A short pick-up pipe with a simple wire-mesh strainer reaches to the bottom of the sump.