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Vehicle of the month

Land Rover – Range Rover Sport (L320) 2005-2013

The Sport, first launched in 2005, was one of the first vehicles of its type to combine terms like ‘good handling’ and ‘capable off-road’ within the trade press reviews. Throw in the word ‘luxurious’ and without seeing it, you’d struggle to imagine the design.

The RR had competition from only one vehicle; namely the Porsche Cayenne, released a few years before the Sport. Where the Porsche had sculpted curves, the new Mid-sized SUV appeared to have the aerodynamics of a house brick, seemingly designed using a ruler. But once you got behind the commanding driving position the sport offered, plant the right pedal, almost all variations of the Sport took off, giving drivers a ‘king-of-the-road’ feel.

The Sport has had a patchy history in terms of reliability, with owners of used examples taking the brunt of repair bills. FAI has a great selection of components to keep these much-loved SUVs on the road and at a competitive price.

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